Hello everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Now I’m writing these sentences to one foreigner submissive. He found me and came to see me. We had some discussions on Twitter in advance, and then, we had a session finally.

I know how difficult to find a right mistress for masochists, fetishisms and subs. It’s much harder for a foreigner to find the right one because of language barrier besides fulfilling your preferences of play styles, and appearance.

Coincidentally, he found me. But I think, Coincidence is inevitable. 

All the things are connected and related. (Everything happens for a reason)

Every result has a cause. And those causes were made by your choices.

I was able to meet you in this way.
I was able to have a session with you.

I’m so satisfied with the outcome.

Welcome to my world.

I was able to spend fabulous time with my friends after that.

Thank you so much. See you soon.